About Us

Group of Agostino Utilities Workers with Branded Truck

Our Culture

Agostino Utilities has an intentional “culture of care” – We believe family is not limited to those you are strictly related to, in todays modern society, Americans spend more time with their work family than their home family. At Agostino, our team is truly a family, sometimes literally, many times not, however no matter how we are connected we all treat each other with the care and consideration we would show to those we love the most. A strong emphasis is placed on building relationships internally among the team and externally with our clients, business partners, and suppliers. We strive to create an intentionally curated positive experience for anyone who we interact with.

Our Core Values

Safety Always

Safety is more than apparel and trainings, at Agostino Utilities, it is a mindset, fueled by feeling and action, and is the cornerstone of all we do.

Relentlessly Optimize

We are always looking to improve our processes, ourselves, and our industry, we believe nothing is ever perfect and can always be continuously improved. We seek to be an industry leader in best practices and people.

Act with Integrity

Honesty is always the best policy; the ugliest truth is better than the prettiest lie. We are honest and forthright in our dealings, building trust builds a better company, a better industry, and a better world.

Be Accountable

We do what we say we are going to do every time, and if something needs to be fixed, we hold ourselves accountable to do so and own the situation. We get things done and exceed expectations every time.

Be Committed

We represent each other and hold ourselves accountable to be professional 100% of the time, our appearance, ethics, and behavior embodies all our core values. We are prompt, courteous, reliable, organized, and respectful.

Create Raving Fans

We ensure that the experiences we create with our clients, our partners, and each other are brag worthy. We intentionally design positive experiences for all people we interact with.

How We Got Our Start

Agostino Utilities was founded by Al Augustine Sr and his son, Albert Jr, in 2020.  Both could be described as serial entrepreneurs and had always wanted to do a venture together. After watching Albert Jr work for years as a “storm chaser” lineman, they decided to enter the industry together as Agostino Utilities. The name “Agostino” being a tribute to the original Augustine family name before they immigrated to the United States. With their diverse yet complimentary skill set and drive to create a family-oriented company, they began operations with just two bucket trucks and one digger derrick. The company saw exponential growth in their first year, and intends to continue that growth in becoming an employer of choice for fellow brothers and sisters as well as a contractor of choice for all the power companies they serve.


We are committed to our team, our clients, and the communities we serve to safely, quickly, and reliably restore the services that power their everyday lives.

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