Storm Restoration Highlights

While chasing storms is only one of the many capabilities Agostino Utilities has, it is how we started and an aspect of the business that is particularly special to me, as I spent most of my career chasing storms with my fellow linemen and building relationships that will last a lifetime.
a field with communication towers
Albert Augustine Jr
Co-Founder & Operations Manager
Two Men in a Bucket Truck in a Snow Storm

Massachusetts Nor'easter

March, 2023

This March, Northeastern states were pummeled by an intense storm that dropped several feet of snow and left roughly a quarter of a million customers without power. Agostino crews actively made their way up to Massachusetts to find the streets packed with a flurry of heavy snow, rain, strong winds, and trees flung onto electrical systems. The team got to work immediately, putting all safety procedures at the forefront of their minds under such harsh conditions. Agostino crews kept true to the company value “you are your brother’s keeper”. 

Northeastern Remnants of Storm Ida

September 2, 2021

Hurricane Ida Northeastern remnants. New Jersey encountered some of the worst remnants of hurricane IDA. With multiple ef-2 tornadoes and limited resources in the North-East, Agostino Utilities and their men jumped at the occasion to support a neighboring power for the first time in Atlantic City Electric. 


Two Men Walking in the Snow Towards a Truck

Connecticut Christmas Storm

December, 2022

Nearly 900 customers in Connecticut remained without power on Christmas eve — two days after a storm caused more than 100,000 outages statewide and flooded coastal communities. Agostino was pressed to work up to 24 hour shifts, renting numerous pieces of lighting equipment to safely work into the night to regain power for as many customers as possible. They estimated to successfully turn the lights back on for over 12,000 customers, with zero incidents reported from their team. This storm was equally influential and important to the Agostino team as it was to the surrounding communities and power company.

A Bucket Truck in Front of Palm Trees and Power Lines with Men Working After a Hurricane

Hurricane Ian

September, 2022

Hurricane Ian was the second major hurricane of the 2022 North Atlantic hurricane season. The storm touched land, leaving 2.2 million people without power. Agostino Utilities had already taken action in anticipation, gathering a team of men and women to make the 30 hour trek down to Florida. Under dangerous circumstances, the Agostino team banded together to safely help the communities and people left devastated by this storm. Restoring power to thousands of homes, the team was able to positively impact countless families. 

Two Men Working on a Utility Pole After Hurricane

Tropical Storm Ida

September, 2021

Hurricane Ida was a devastating category 2 tropical storm that made first landfall in Louisiana. Remnants of Hurricane Ida then ripped through the northeast causing mass destruction. With Augustine overseeing his 50 resources in the state of Michigan. Kevin Lamb, one of the northeast’s top storm restoration leaders, was chosen to lead the southern operations. Kevin’s vast experience and leadership skills quickly came about overseeing 20 resources and 1 of Agostino’s top sub-contractors in the city of New Orleans, LA.